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Writing on Glass


The heart of our connection company.

Creating a new world with new possibilities, requires thinkers with different perspectives who are willing to take risks. The Human Connection draws dynamic and heart-centered thinkers in pursuit of systems and infrastructures that support a life of ~ease~ for everyone. Because we believe self-actualization and creative-living are birthrights for everyone. We believe infrastructures, communities, and systems built to empower each person's birthrights will create space for the new world we seek.


So who are our Connection ChoreographersTM? Connection ChoreographersTM have a unique ability to see between the lines and blurs, they have a palpable connection to self, others, and earth and across disciplines have missions to empower humanity.  Their experience range from producers and engineers to doctors, lawyers, and homemakers. When working with our Connection ChoreographersTM, you gain a thought-partner, creative strategist, accountability partner, and super connector all-in-one rooted in the vision of your or your organization's fulfilling, earth friendly, and prosperous life.

To our prospective Connection ChoreographersTM, The Human Connection is where we actualize the complete saying of the original statement, "a jack of all trades is a master of none,"......."...but oftentimes better than a master of one." If you've been told you need to choose one thing but you have a clear north star, explore if you're a Connection ChoreographerTM at heart :)

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